Talk Counselling is at the Center is a face-to-face counselling service for men, women, and couples. We provide attentive and comprehensive counselling in Uganda, for depression, stress, grief, anxiety, addiction, anger management and other issues.

From individual therapy to couples counselling services, our center counsellors can help.

The center has experts in couple counselling and men’s, women’s and children counselling. Contact us for any help.

Second Opinion

If you think about this, you will come to a realization that Uganda healthcare will be in a worse ditch than mayo research reviled. If you have  your beloved mum, sister, brother or father in Uganda, and you’re wondering how to get to the bottom of the problem or you just want a wellness check on them for a good written report or the status and medical advice/recommendations, you are in the right place.

Contact us and we shall help. We have a SELECTED team of medical specialty that have the personality, drive and passion to get to the bottom of everything. Frankly it takes a special personality and character to do this. And I (Dr. Franklin Wasswa) have selected a team of those who i know have the will , the character, ethnics and temperament to problem solve, brain storm and solve complicated diagnoses.