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Author Dr.Franklin Wasswa

22 Feb

Hidden Power of Self Esteem

For many years, psychologists are able to practically study and demonstrate self-esteem. So this is not a mystical phenomenon. And I disagree that one has to understand it in depth to really benefit from its positive earnings. Knowing about its existence and it’s unrecognized influence in our daily life’s journey, will be just enough to give us a leap ahead of our own achievement


26 Dec

How to Really Help the Poor!

Natural evil is not directly caused by a person’s own actions or another person’s actions against them. Rather, this type of evil is a part of the fallen created order and, as such, involves material forces beyond human control. Natural evil can lead to poverty when it causes


26 Feb

What Ugandans should know before seeking healthcare second opinion.

Almost always your diagnosis will change between doctor to doctor in Uganda. As an insider of the system, I am going to tell you why this happens. In 2017 Mayo clinic in Minnesota conducted a research, according to that study published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, found out that 20% of the time; the final diagnosis was completely different from the original diagnosis after seeking a second opinion.


11 Dec

My Ocularistry Journey

I started my journey to become an ocularist while I was about 14 years old when I read a Readers Digest book my mum come with from a foreign trip. It had a story of a kid who lost an eye, and he got one painted and custom-made for him. The dream went to ‘sleep’ for some years. When I finished medical school, I had thoughts of majoring in ophthalmology surgery (eye surgery) in the US.


4 Dec


An Ocularist is a thoroughly trained professional skilled in the art of fitting, painting and fabricating custom ocular prostheses. In addition to creating custom ocular prostheses, and providing long-term care through periodic examinations, an ocularist provides the patient with complete instructions on the care and maintenance of their prosthesis.